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Robert Pattinson to be Christian Grey From 50 Shades?

Robert Pattinson has been speculated to be in the Book Franchise called Fifty Shades of Grey. While he was been saying "I am not going to be Christian Grey", and other times he may be different. But yet he is not yet finished with the Twilight Saga. He still has gotten Breaking Dawn - Part 2 to promote and watch the full movie at the premiere this year.

Information about Christian Grey from the 50 shades franchise.

Christian Grey is the male protagonist of the trilogy that serves as Anastasia Steele's primary love interest with whom he discovers real love. Young, handsome, intelligent, business-savvy, and charming, he at first glance appears to be a suave but private business mogul with an irresistible allure. Upon further acquaintance with him, and later on a relationship, Anastasia finds out that there is a darker side to "control freak" Christian, quoted as being "fifty shades of fucked up." (Hence the title of the first book in the Fifty Shades Trilogy.) Christian is tall, muscular, has copper "sex hair", and gray eyes. He is the father of Theodore Raymond Grey and Phoebe Grey.

Before his adoption, Christian had spent some time starving and suffered through repeated traumatic experiences with his crack-addict mother and repeated beatings (and implied burnings) from her pimp which is the reason for his distaste of being physically touched. It is also hinted at that this is the reason that he likes to tie up his Submissives since it gives him a sense of control.
At the age of fifteen, he was coaxed into an affair with one of his mother's close married older friends, Elena (whom Anastasia semi-jokingly dubs "Mrs. Robinson" in the first book). Elena was Christian's first sexual experience and, according to him, introduced him to the world of BDSM by making him her submissive. It was when Christian was working part time cleaning the rubbles at the Lincoln's new extension, when he made a smart-ass remark at Elena, she then slapped him so hard, grabbed his face and kissed him passionately (without touching him), sparking feelings of teenage arousal in Christian. He came back the next day to her house and the affair began between the two. The affair lasted until he was twenty-one when her husband found out, and although they are no longer sexual, they still remain close friends (that is until Fifty Shades Freed when she makes a pass at him and he states that he loves Ana). According to Christian, his family still does not know of the affair although he reveals that it ruined "Mrs. Robinson's" marriage. (Though his mother finds out in the second novel when overhearing the two talking about their past BDSM relationship.)
When his affair with "Mrs. Robinson" ended, he continued exploration into the BDSM world by going to clubs specifically operating for the purpose or by hiring sexual services for the next two years. After that, he made the proper touches to his personal home, including the infamous "Red Room of Pain." He then continued this lifestyle up to Fifty Shades of Grey.
For the last four years of Christian's life, he has entered into contractual sexual partners with fifteen women, signed, sealed, and delivered for them to be his "sub" for a 90 day period though he only sees them during the weekend. He has a "playroom" in his home at Escala, that contains toys and whips and such. Christian is what he calls a "Dominant ," someone who takes pleasure in owning, possessing, and controlling every aspect of a "Submissive's" life, most importantly their sexual life.
In 50 Shades Darker, Grey admitted he's a SADIST and lied to Ana that he's a Dominant.
The women he brings into his life are always there willingly, and according to him, already knew and enjoyed the BDSM lifestyle. Christian even has a written agreement for his woman to sign, especially a non-disclosure agreement which makes it legally impossible for women to discuss the private natures of their time at Christian's suite. His contract ranges from eating habits, exercising, what they can wear, safe words, "hard limits" (sexual acts that Submissives absolutely will not do) and "soft limits" (sexual acts that Submissives may/may not be interested in exploring) and beyond. Christian states multiple times that he does not look for love during these relationships; they remain purely sexual and for his satisfaction. This is also the only relationship that satisfies him, according to his wording in Fifty Shades of Grey; his Dominant/Submissive nature (which later becomes a source of tension between he and Ana). Although this changes when he meets Ana. (via Christian Grey (50 Shades Wiki)

Do you think that he will be it?

So there is a Youtube fan made clip on how 50 shades will go down if both Robert Pattinson and his sort-of-a-girlfriend Kristen Stewart if they got the parts. 

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