Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Robert Pattinson See Kristen Stewart's Vulnerability

If Kristen wants to win Rob back, she should continue to show him her vulnerabilities following her cheating scandal. Read on to find out why I think so! When Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders, she not only broke his heart, and his trust, but she stripped him of any control he had over his love life. 

Her actions rendered him powerless, which is why if she truly wants to win him back, she needs to show him that she, too, is vulnerable in this situation. Kristen Stewart’s Public Apology Kristen’s public apology on July 25, the day after her affair with Rupert was revealed to the world, was a good start. 

She showed Rob that she was willing to tarnish her public image, willing to risk losing her fan base, in order to apologize to him. It was an incredibly selfless move. While mostly staying out of the public eye after her apology, there were reports that Kristen, 22, had been sending Rob, 26, handwritten notes begging for his forgiveness. 

Again, another instance of her showing him that she’s lacking in power. Wearing Robert Pattinson’s Hat & The Gold Ring He Gave Her Kristen was finally spotted out in public on Monday, Aug. 20, caught in a series of photographs that, perhaps, revealed her vulnerability the greatest. Paparazzi caught the Twilight actress not only wearing the gold ring Rob gave her, but his Baltimore Orioles hat, as well. Wearing these items, she’s expressing to Rob that he’s still a part of her and that she needs him. 

The bottom line is this: Kristen stripped Rob of power. She has to realize that, in order to even have a chance at a reconciliation, she must prove to him that she’s aware of this. She must prove to him that she’s allowing him to be the one to be in control of what happens next, and she must be willing to accept whatever decision he inevitably makes. She owes him that much, at least. 

Do you think Kristen’s vulnerability is what Rob needs to see, HollywoodLifers? Via Hollywood Life 

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